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REALISM - sociopolitical or moral message in the depiction...

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REALISM KEY DATES: 1830-1870 Realism, also known as the Realist school, was a mid-nineteenth century art movement and style in  which artists discarded the formulas of Neoclassicism and the theatrical drama of Romanticism to  paint familiar scenes and events as they actually looked. Typically it involved some sort of 
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Unformatted text preview: sociopolitical or moral message, in the depiction of ugly or commonplace subjects. Daumier, Millet and Courbet were realists. REPRESENTATIVE ARTISTS: Gustave Courbet Jean-Francois Millet Honore Daumier Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot J A MacNeil Whistler John Singer Sargeant...
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  • Gustave Courbet, commonplace subjects. Daumier, REALISM KEY DATES, mid­nineteenth century art, paint familiar scenes

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