Repairs and Retouchings

Repairs and Retouchings - Do not start touch ups before 4...

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Repairs and Retouchings Sometimes atmospheric conditions peculiar to a certain day affect the life of the plaster; sometimes the painter isn't up to par, or hasn't made adequate preparations; perhaps curious visitors come at the wrong moment; many things may happen, and it always seems a miracle if nothing outside oneself happens which might forbid the painting from coming through right. In any event, knowing how to lay the intonaco layer is an important part of your skills because you may find that you must chisel out a section and do it over again. For touch ups:
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Unformatted text preview: Do not start touch ups before 4 weeks, give fresco that long to dry. • Use casein, apply by means of hatching. • Try Wax ammonia—mix thick, like soft cheese with very little water—mix with powdered color by rubbing two together with an old round brush and stiple on. • Use zinc white for white. • To remove whitewash over a painting—hammer covered with leather, or a wooden hammer—go carefully only for a short time in a given area. Spatula like instruments also help to lift off limewash coat of strong casein, which also helps to lift off limewash....
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