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Suprematism - anything social political or otherwise...

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Suprematism: (1913 - 1919) Suprematism began in Russia in 1913 with the help of artist Kasimir Malevich. He introduced it to the  public in 1915 with his manifesto and exhibition titled "0.10 The Last Futurist Exhibition" held in Petrograd.  The Suprematist style aimed to eliminate all natural forms and favored flat geometric patterns that  represented emotions rather than objects and supported pure aesthetic creativity. Malevich’s art was  produced with pure geometric shapes positioned to only initiate aesthetic feeling and held no allusions to 
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Unformatted text preview: anything social, political, or otherwise. Although the movement was mostly confined to painting, Suprematists used the theory to create textiles, typography, and architectural structures in addition to painting and sculpture. In 1918, Suprematism was replaced by Constructivism. Artists: (biography & artworks) Lissitzky, El - 1890 - 1941 Malevich, Kasimir - 1978 - 1935 Lissitzky, El - 1890 - 1941 Malevich, Kasimir - 1978 - 1935...
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  • artist Kasimir Malevich., aesthetic creativity. Malevich, flat geometric patterns, pure geometric shapes

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