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NOTES 2-26 CONDENSATION PROCESS Adiabatic process – a process that takes place without a transfer of heat between the system and its surroundings o Compression always results in warming, and expansion results in cooling Diabatic process – occurs when heat is added to, or removed from the air o Radiation and conduction are examples of this DRY ADIABATIC LAPSE RATE o 5.5 degrees F per 1,000 ft or 10 degrees C per 1000m (never changes) MOIST ADIABATIC LAPSE RATE o 3.3 degrees F per 1000ft or 6 degrees C per 1000m This is an avg number and is affected by density and pressure
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Unformatted text preview: Ideal Gases- those which obey the relatively simple relationship between pressure, density, and temperature known as the gas law CLOUD FORMATION All clouds are formed when the air temp is cooled down to the dew point temp o This process can occur in several ways o MIXING : when 2 air parcels , neither which by themselves are saturated, become saturated when they are combined Examples of clouds produced my mixing o Lake affect snow fig 1 p207 o Contrails condensation trail made by aircraft...
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