Vladimir Lukich Borovikovskii

Vladimir Lukich Borovikovskii - Vladimir Lukich...

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Vladimir Lukich Borovikovskii: Portrait of M. I. Lopukhina (1797) Oil on canvas. Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow. This portrait is one of my favorite Russian paintings from the 18th century. Every aspect of it is carefully controlled and directed to produce a certain effect, to create an atmosphere that is both in accord with, and slightly differing from, the prevailing neoclassical style of the day. This is reflected in the subtle natural background, the classic simplicity of Madame Lopukhina's dress, and the cool sense of decorum, individual calm, and quiet assurance that is transmitted through the combined effect of these and other details. At the same time, Madame Lopukhina's image reflects many characteristics of Borovikovskii's style that depart from standard neoclassical practice. This portrait, for instance, is far less ceremonial than many that were produced at the time. Madame Lopukhina is not decked out in her finest clothing, she is not depicted among rich surroundings, neither is she stiff and artificially posed. Rather, she is dressed unostentatiously and placed in an obscure
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Vladimir Lukich Borovikovskii - Vladimir Lukich...

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