What is Geometric Abstraction

What is Geometric Abstraction - before to see the world in...

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What is Geometric Abstraction Starting around the turn of the century there was a complete rejection of literary academic art - artists didn't want to just make a copy of a real object - the newly- invented camera could do that faster and better. They didn't want to make an an illustration for a story. They rejected Alberti's istoria or history painting in which part of the painting's power came from the story it illustrated. The phrase storybook realism became a term of derision The idea now was that one doesn't paint about anything - one just paints. The old visions were worn out. Artists wanted to create something that did not exist
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Unformatted text preview: before, to see the world in new ways, to talk about their inner world, to grapple with large ideas that were universal and utopian. Abstract art is an attempt to analyze and simplify what we see, to pick and choose. But a work can be abstract, like Brancusi's Kiss , and still be representational, while the Mondrian shown at the start of this unit is completely non-representational. Let's try to trace the steps that took us from the impressionist landscapes of the late 19th century to total geometric abstractions of the twentieth....
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