Why Frame a Picture

Why Frame a Picture - the surrounding figures Partial Frame...

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Why Frame a Picture? In our last unit on perspective we saw that one function of the frame was as a window frame through which we viewed the world. Other purposes for the frame are: 1. To separate inside from outside ; to state that a picture is a world of its own, and not a part of the surrounding world. 2. To provide visual control. This separation from the outside world makes it possible for the painter to control the composition. The meaning of things we see depend partly on their surroundings, so if the surroundings can't be controlled, the meanings cannot be controlled either. 3. For portability No Frame: Prehistoric Wall Paintings. Slide 13-1: Cave Painting of a Bison, Altamira, Spain c. 15,000-10,000 B.C.E. , Hartt p. 38 Of course, not all pictures were framed. Cave paintings are an example of unframed pictures which generally focus on a single figure or animal, without much regard to
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Unformatted text preview: the surrounding figures. Partial Frame: The Frieze Slide 13-2: Darius and Xerxes Giving Audience , Persian, c. 490 BCE. Janson p. 95 An example of what might be called a partial frame is the frieze, often found in the temples. It is closed at top and bottom and open at the ends. Tapestries and Scrolls Slide 13-6: The Battle of Hastings, detail of the Bayeux Tapestry. c. 1073-83. Janson p. 325 Other open frames include Oriental scrolls or tapestries, like the famous Bayeux Tapestry , depicting the Battle of Hastings. Closed Frames: Murals and Frescos Slide 13-8: GIOTTO, Scrovegni Chapel Frescos . Electra p. 11 Murals and frescos might be open, like the Oreszco Frescos, or have clearly defined outlines like in the Scrovegni Chapel....
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Why Frame a Picture - the surrounding figures Partial Frame...

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