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The blue mineral Lapis Lazuli possessed purportedly life

The blue mineral Lapis Lazuli possessed purportedly life -...

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The blue mineral Lapis Lazuli possessed purportedly life-giving powers. The Book of the Dead describes Horus, the hawk-like son of the God Osiris destroying all evil. After his deed he appears in the heavenly firmament in the form of a hawk and "his torso is made of blue stone". Egyptian Blue (blue frit) was used in conjunction with lapis lazuli for painting eyes, hair and crowns of the pharaos’ statues and sarcophags. Nile, the most important river of ancient Egypt, is rendered in blue color on grave paintings. Blue colored hippopotamuses produced by artisans were popular as symbols for the life-giving river. Nude female figures coated with blue glaze found in egyptian graves might have represented life and Creation. Intensely blue images of Heaven carrying yellow stars shine from the ceilings of egyptian temples. Blue is the color of the Universe, of the movement of the Sun and the Stars in the firmament merging into the Ocean at the edges of the painting. Blue is also the background color of the paintings
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