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The changes at the Academy can be blamed

The changes at the Academy can be blamed - life according...

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The changes at the Academy can be blamed, at least indirectly, for the famous rebellion of the thirteen artists. In 1863, I.N. Kramskoi, B.B. Venig, N.D. Dmitriev-Orenburgskii, A.D. Litovchenko, A.I. Korzhukhin, N.S. Shustov, A.I. Morozov, K.E. Makovskii, F.S. Zhuravlev, K.V. Lemokh, A. Grigor'ev, M. Peskov, and N.V. Petrov were scheduled to participate in the annual gold medal competition. Every year, the winning works were purchased and their authors received an all- expenses-paid three year scholarship to work and study abroad. In the same year, several months before the competition, the Academy's Council announced new rules for the competition. According to the new rules, the Academy was not going to assign specific topics, as it was done before, but instead, general themes (for example, anger, joy, love for one's country, etc.). Each student was to pick a theme, either from history or from contemporary
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Unformatted text preview: life, according to his preferences, but all students were to compete for one gold medal. Realizing that the Academy was slowly adjusting to the new trends in Russian painting and to new realities of Russian life, the thirteen decided to strike while the iron was hot, and asked for even more freedom -- namely, to be allowed to pick any topic, without any restrictions. They believed that the single general theme could not give an equal chance to all participants. This petition was not only rejected, but the angered Academy Council decided that, instead of a general theme, it would assign a specific topic, as in the past. The assigned topic was to be "Odin's Feast in Valhalla." Disappointed and upset, the 13 artists refused to participate in the competition and resigned from the Academy, forfeiting their chances to sell the paintings and receive an art scholarship....
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