The Method - that are leaning out of plumb have offsets are...

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The Method Slide 18-2: Theodolite Setup The equipment needed for this method is a surveyor's tape and a theodolite, an instrument for measurement of horizontal and vertical angles. It consists of a bubble level to establish the horizontal and vertical, a telescope that can rotate vertically in a mount that can also turn horizontally, with precise scales to read the angles. To get the depth dimension, the procedure requires two theodolite setup positions, with a set of readings taken from each location. This second setup also provides a second set of numbers with which to check the first. This method will work with walls
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Unformatted text preview: that are leaning out of plumb, have offsets, are curved, or have projecting elements like sills or cornices. This procedure does not require the theodolite to be at the same height at each position, thus is suitable for sighting from sloping ground . Further, it is not required that the two theodolite positions be at the same distance from the wall. The procedure will give two values for each y coordinate, which are independent and can be averaged to give a final value....
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The Method - that are leaning out of plumb have offsets are...

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