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The Need for the Book - Ages were not adequate Artists no...

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The Need for the Book In the Middle Ages, seven branches of learning were recognized as liberal arts. For a Bachelor of Arts: grammar, logic, and rhetoric: the trivium. For a Master of Arts: geometry, arithmetic, music, and astronomy: the quadrivium . But the visual arts had been classed among the crafts and mechanical arts because they were "handiwork," and lacking a theoretical basis. Renaissance artists wanted to break this distinction and towards the end of the 15 th century the botteghe or workshops of Piero della Francesca, Mantegna, Bramante, Bellini, Verrochio, Pollaiuolo, and so forth, had become small centers of scientific study, where mathematics, anatomy and perspective were learned in an attempt to raise the status of their profession. There was a lot of empirical knowledge available, but there was no systematic framework in which to organize it. The scientific texts of antiquity and of the Middle
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Unformatted text preview: Ages were not adequate. Artists no longer wanted the studio recipes taken from ancient texts. Thus there was a real need for Leonardo's treatise on painting. The Trattato may be subdivided into the following sections: The Human Body : proportions, anatomy, motion, posture, expression, decorum, and drapery. The Depiction of Nature : light, distances, atmosphere, smoke, water, horizons, mountains, plants, and trees. Painters Practice : ethics, judging works, advice to young painters, the painter's life, the studio, aids, wall painting, invention and composition, allegories and emblems. The Science of Vision in Painting : properties of the eye and of light, color, perspective of size, color, and disappearance, and light and shade, or chiaroscuro, and linear perspective,...
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