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The painting is also compositionally effective

The painting is also compositionally effective - example of...

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The painting is also compositionally effective. The angels create a graceful and geometrically dynamic frame; the clouds below Mary's feet are both realistic and "heavenly;" the golden background not only draws our attention to Mary and the baby Jesus, it also characterizes their presence as good and as representative of the "light" God shed on mankind through His Son and the Holy Spirit. Altogether, the The Mother of God with the Infant Christ is successful both as a 19th century iconic representation and as an impressive
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Unformatted text preview: example of the art of the Russian Revival. Though it differs from both the traditional icons and the norm of 19th century Russian art, it is able to unite ideas and techniques from both fields. Rosa Newmarch asserts that it is "the boldest and most distinctly national of all [Vasnetsov's] pictures;" at least it is clear that it is an "inspired" painting that "lights[s] a little candle to the glory of God."...
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