The Plato Academy

The Plato Academy - well-known commentator on Virgil Horace...

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The Plato Academy Slide 15-7: Bust of Ficino , by Andrea Ferrucci da Fiesole, in Florence Duomo. Encyc Ren p. 134 Most humanists of the Renaissance had a reverence for Plato, and Cosimo de Medici (Lorenzo's grandfather) resolved to make Florence the center of neoPlatonic learning. In 1463 Cosimo commissioned Marsilio Ficino to translate Plato's Dialogues into Latin, and had a villa built for him at Careggi in which to work. There Ficino burned an eternal lamp in front of a statue of Plato. He could recite an entire Plato dialog but, according to his nieces, couldn't remember where he put his slippers. Ficino was the first of the so-called Plato Four , the main members of the Medici Platonic Academy, which attracted scholars form all over Italy. Another was Cristoforo Landino
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Unformatted text preview: , well-known commentator on Virgil, Horace, and Dante, who looked upon Lorenzo the magnificent as Plato's "Ideal ruler." Slide 15-8: Poliziano, with Lorenzo's son Piero , From Ghirlandaio's fresco cycle in S. Trinita. Encyc. of Ren. p. 260 A third member was Angelo Poliziano , ugly but brilliant, publishing in Latin by age 10 and translated Homer by 16. And the fourth was Pico della Mirandola , young and attractive, read and wrote in 22 languages, aspired to hold in his mind the totality of human learning. He wanted to reconcile all religions, and attempted to reconcile the creation stories in the Timaeus with Genesis . These four, the most brilliant minds in Italy, would meet in Lorenzo's studiolo, often inviting Michelangelo....
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The Plato Academy - well-known commentator on Virgil Horace...

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