The Sacred Cut - spheres the empyrium the stars and the...

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The Sacred Cut An octagon can also be constructed in the following way: Place a compass at each corner of a square and strike an arc which intersects the two adjacent sides and passes through the center of the square. This subdivides the square into a nine-module grid with modules of different proportions. Connecting the points where the arcs cut the square gives an octagon. The Danish engineer Tons Brunes calles this construction the Sacred Cut. He claims it is the fundamental construction which forms the basis for system of geometry which has governed the construction of monuments in every period, from the Egyptian to the Medieval. .................................... Hands-On: Construct an octogon by using the sacred cut. Nine Ranks of Angels Slide 10-8: HILDEGARDE: Nine Ranks of Angels Hildegarde, p. 74 Nine is called the angelic number, after nine choirs of angels. We just spoke about the Four Hierarchies of the Universe . One of which was the translunary world , including the moon and everything above. The translunary world is divided into nine
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Unformatted text preview: spheres, the empyrium, the stars, and the seven planets. Each had its own kind of angel; seraphims, cherubims, archangels, and the lot. We'll introduce them all in our unit on Celestial Themes in Art. Ten Spheres of the Sephiroth Slide 8-104: Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Wasserman, James. Art and Symbols of the Occult. Vermont: Destiny, 1993. p. 33 In the Middle ages, we have the Ten Spheres of the Sephiroth. This figure also shows the Four Worlds that we discussed earlier, in light grey circles. It also shows the Sephiroth, which emanate or radiate from the divine power, each with its associated name, number and celestial body. (1) Crown (2) Wisdom (3) Intelligence (4) Love (5) Justice (6) Beauty (or Mercy) (7) Victory or Firmness (8) Splendor (9) Foundation (10) Kingdom Because the sefiroth were considered archetypes for everything in the world of creation, an understanding of their workings were felt to illuminate the inner workings of the cosmos and of history....
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The Sacred Cut - spheres the empyrium the stars and the...

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