The School of Paris

The School of Paris - The School of Paris(1600 Paris was...

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Unformatted text preview: The School of Paris: (1600 - ) Paris was the main center of international art until after World War II. Artists traveled there to learn of the developing innovations in modern art. The term encompasses more than one style and movement; including fauvism, cubism, and orphism. Even with New York City’s emergence as a center of international art, Paris has continued to this day to produce artists of major significance. Ukiyo-e: (1600 - 1867) Ukiyo-e was a popular style of Japanese art in the Edo (Tokyo) period. During this time, the shoguns had complete miliary and political control and kept the nation isolated from the rest of the world. Ukiyo means "floating world" and was a play on the Buddhist term from the earthly life "the sorrowful world." Ukiyo is also a term used to describe the Japanese urban lifestyle. The art of the period was closely associated also a term used to describe the Japanese urban lifestyle....
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