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The Star Cheops - To draw a star Cheops • Draw vertical...

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The Star Cheops A British railway engineer, Robert Ballard, saw the pyramids on his way to Australia to become chief engineer of the Australian railways. He watched from a moving train how the relative appearance of the three pyramids on the Giza plateau changed. He concluded that they were used as sighting devices, and wrote a book with the grand title of The Solution of the Pyramid Problem in 1882. He also noted that the cross-section of the Great Pyramid is two of what we have called Egyptian triangles. He then constructs what he called a Star Cheops , which, he says, " ... is the geometric emblem of extreme and mean ratio and the symbol of the Egyptian Pyramid Cheops."
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Unformatted text preview: To draw a star Cheops: • Draw vertical and horizontal axes. • Using their intersection as center, draw two circles, radius 1, and radius 1 + . • Superscribe a square about the smaller circle. This will be the base of the pyramid, • From the point where an axis cuts the outer circle, draw two lines to the corners of the square. The triangle obtained will be one face of the pyramid. • Repeat the preceding step for the remaining three faces, getting a four-pointed star. Cut it out. • Fold each triangular face up from the base forming the pyramid. Project Draw a star Cheops. Fold it to quickly make a model pyramid....
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