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TOLEDO - point of first order sheltered in the knowledge...

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TOLEDO Toledo is one of the luxuries found in Spain. Its privileged location, and the natural turn of the of the Tagus River, together with its continuos population from ages ago, create a unique city in which beautiful and harmonious buildings of an array of architectural styles. In its medieval past, Toledo appears as one of the cradles of Western culture through its Toledan School of Translators, which in itself is an example of the tolerance and coexistence of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian cultures. Cradle of Monarchs, and the seat of principal archbishops, Toledo constitutes a tourist attraction
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Unformatted text preview: point of first order sheltered in the knowledge stored in its Mosques, Synagogues, churches and convents. The cathedral, the monastery of Saint John of the Kings, the doors and the walled enclosure or the Alcazar portray the special attractiveness of its streets and plazas. They surround the traveler with an enchantment as Becquer or Galdos described, and El Greco portrayed in his paintings. Toledo also is known for its special musical splendor, and the bounty of its table in which the traveler can taste traditional recipes, specially is world reknown marcipans....
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