All wars depend on de

All wars depend on de - Mark Riboud 1923– Philip Jones...

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All wars depend on de-humanising the ‘enemy’ the foreign ‘other’. I’ve tried to concentrate on showing the human face of conflict. —Philip Jones Griffiths Seeing too much death and destruction can generate a helplessness that numbs or angers readers, and fingers start pointing at the media for running those disturbing images. It’s easier to criticize a photographer or editor than to address the root of the problem. But there is a great danger in censoring reality. As long as abuse and conflict and inequality remain, it is our responsibility to have a social conscience and bring these issues to light, for others to judge and make educated choices. As Eugene Smith once said, “Let truth be the prejudice.” —Carol Guzy, three-time Pulitzer Prize winner TODAY Conclude World War II Vietnam, El Salvador, First Gulf War, Haiti, Kurdistan, et. al. Photographers Larry Burrows, 1926–1971
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Unformatted text preview: Mark Riboud, 1923– Philip Jones Griffiths, 1936– Tim Page, 1944– Susan Meiselas, 1948– Don McCullin, 1935— Gilles Caron, 1939–1970 Carol Guzy, 1956– Major themes in war photography: 1. Dead bodies, of American soldiers and “enemy” soldiers 2. Wounded Americans 3. Camaraderie among soldiers 4. What daily life for GIs is like: harsh conditions, boredom, fear, etc. 5. Humanity of soldiers despite their horrific experiences and their mission to kill 6. The devastation that war wrecks on civilians 7. Interaction between American GIs and civilians in the war countries 8. Life on the home front; support for the war effort; beginning w/ Vietnam, opposition 9. Moments of victory / celebration 10. Pictures that symbolize key events Class 10 War photography 2...
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