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Class 3 Pictorialism Quote If what I feel about life is not in a print of mine, then I might just as well say that any machine can take a picture and turn out a print mechanically. You might get wonderful pictures as a result, but they would not contain that something called love or passion, both of which are essentials needed to bring forth a living print — or any other living creative expression. A print lacking these elements is simply an illustration. —Alfred Stieglitz Today 1. Pictorialism as a style, a movement with objective, and a school with key figures 2. Password for the Website, effective today 3. Discuss the first TARs question: 4. Administrative: questions, announcements Reminder parts of the course Website are password protected. Use this login: Username: hop20cen Password: ernie220 Key concept from last Thursday: Technology drives the medium The Pictorialist Movement a. Contexts: Victorianism, the Guilded Age, Industrial revolution/materialism and Robber Barons vs. Progressivism. Eastman Kodak and rise of amateur phy.
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