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Critical perspectives Marxism. Photography perpetuates capitalist system by hiding its contradictions and injustices. Stokes capitalism through fashion, advertising, Feminism. 1) Celebrate the accomplishments of women photographers. Point out how they have been left out of the canon. 2) Photography is a tool used by men to dominate and subjugate women. Semiotics. The photograph encodes a system of signs that needs to be decoded, or read. Structuralism. The surface appearance is not important, rather the deep, hidden structures. Deconstruct to uncover them. Example. Anthropologist Levi-Strauss’ kinship studies Overview of 19th Century HOP It will be easily conceived what resources, what new facility it [Daguerre’s photographic
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Unformatted text preview: invention] will afford to the study of science, and, as regards the fine arts, the services it is capable of rendering, are beyond calculation. —François Arago Historical/cultural context: Renaissance > Enlightenment > Industrial Revolution > Comte’s Positivism Pre-invention. camera obscura, lenses, silver Inventors. Niépce, Daguerre, Fox Talbot, Bayard Two traditions: photography to make art / photography to record, document Function. In 19th Century, Photography used for: exploration, science, war / news, portraiture, art, popular entertainment (e.g. stereopticon...
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