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Oppositions documentary pictorialism record beauty realism symbolism/tonalism/naturalism machine hand fact truth clarity suggestion sharp focus soft focus bright light twilight straight print manipulation Thesis. While Alfred Stieglitz is correctly identified with the Pictorialist movement, which he helped to found in the U.S., he did not practice the technical aspects the Pictorialist style. As a photographer whose work spanned five and a half decades in four periods, Stieglitz embraced straight photography.
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Unformatted text preview: Slides Alfred Steiglitz, 1864 - 1946 Edward Steichen, 1879-1973 Gertrude Käsebier, 1852-1934 Clarence H. White, 1871-1925 Anne Brigman, 1869-1950 F. Holland Day, 1864 - 1933 Frank Eugene, 1865 –1936 Frederick Evans, 1852 – 1943, British Heinrich Kuhn, 1866 – 1944, German Robert Demachy, 1859 –1937, French Frances Benjamin Johnston, 1854 –1952, photojournalist Thursday Straight photography. Reaction against /rejection of Pictorialism Self portraits due on Friday...
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