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Quote I want to make art about the commonplace, art that illumines social life. I want to enlist art to question the mythical explanations of everyday life that take shape as an optimistic rationalism and to explore the relationships between individual consciousness, family life, and the culture of monopoly capitalism. —Martha Rosler Today Conceptual photography Marxist perspective on photography Photographers Vito Acconci, 1940– Ed Ruscha, 1937– Lew Thomas, n.d. Martha Rosler, n.d. John Baldassari, 1931 Allan Sekula, 1951– On Photography by Susan Sontag Whatever the moral claims made on behalf of photography, its main effect is to convert the world into a department story or museum-without-walls in which every subject is depreciated into an article of consumption, promoted into an item for aesthetic appreciation. Despite the illusion of giving understanding, what seeing through photographs really invites is an acquisitive relation to the world that nourishes aesthetic awareness and promotes emotional detachment. The force of a photograph is that it keeps open to scrutiny instants which the
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