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Straight, or pure, photography Truth to medium. No manipulation in negative development or printing processes. Photographers should make photos that use the medium’s essential optical/chemical characteristics. Straight photography first modernist movement in photography. Reaction to Pictorialism as a style. Straight photographers did not reject the Pictorialist objective. Group f.64 Founded in 1932 by Weston, Adams, Cunningham, Willard Van Dyke, Sonya Noskowiak. Named after the lens aperture that gave maximum sharpness, detail. First group show in 1932 at the deYoung Museum in San Francisco. The thing itself Weston. Photography’s purpose is to capture the essential nature of the object — the reality behind surface appearances. Kant’s das ding an sich Previsualization Weston. You should know your craft so well that when you compose the photograph on the ground glass, you know what the finished print will look like. No room for accidents. The zone system
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