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Today Finish Social Documentary photography Post-pictorialist photography in Europe: New objectivity Constructivism Concepts / context Punctum. From Roland Barthes: “That accident which pricks, bruises me.” The unintentional detail that “fills the whole picture.” A small detail that adds great meaning to a photo. Dada. European movement during World War I that used the irrational and other confrontational strategies in art and theater to attack the bourgeoisie. Constructivism. Art movement that begins in Russia after World War I with manifestations in painting, sculpture, architecture, graphic design, photography. Styles itself as revolutionary. Development of cubist ideas. Weimer Republic. The German government between the two world wars was based in Weimer, Germany. Ends with the rise of Nazism. New Objectivity. ( neue sachlichkeit ). The German manifestation of the strong move toward realism that followed World War I. There were major adherents in painting as well as photography. Typology.
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