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By 3.2 billion years ago, first procaryotes (Bacteria, blue green algae). By 2.5 - 2.0 billion years ago, communities of procaryotes emerge. e.g. Stromatolites as colonies of Blue green algae , formed biosedimentary domes of calcium carbonate = some of the earliest fossils. Photosynthetic bacteria have significant effect on the earth's atmosphere and the subsequent evolution of life. Blue green algae are photosynthetic and produce oxygen as a waste product. This was initially a poisonous molecule (as environment was an anoxic one) Lead to the production of an oxidizing atmosphere. Large amounts of Oxygen oxidize the vast quantities of dissolved iron in the oceans: i.e., the oceans "rust." This counteracts the poisonous
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Unformatted text preview: atmosphere problem, but only until the reservoir of iron is depleted and the iron settles out as the banded ironstone formation = layers of iron which form iron ore deposits. Ultimately, with the absence of iron to oxidize, the oxygen builds in the atmosphere and produces an ozone layer. This is a singular event which eukaryotes will ultimately take advantage of in the form of oxidative respiration. Subsequent cellular (at this time = organismal) evolution is contingent on this singular event. If we started earth over again, would this event re-occur? at the same time?, if not would we have evolved???...
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