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Cell - says the cells will keep on dividing These are Big...

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Cell: Which species of cell? How do the proteins and other molecules of one species interact with the DNA/genes of another species (will Dino+frog DNA function properly in modified crocodile eggs??) DNA as a generative program: does the DNA alone cary the info. to tell any old cell how to make a dinosaur? Development involved many important tissue inductive events. Tissue specific gene expression: Liver cells express liver genes, blood cells express blood genes De-differentiation: easy in plants; rare in animals. Mitotic arrest: who
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Unformatted text preview: says the cells will keep on dividing? These are Big problems; it will be some time before we clone dinos. Of all the problems, the Phylogenetic problem of knowing the species identity of any cell from an insect's gut is as serious as the technical problem of getting the DNA in the first place! A reconstructd dinosaur might well wind up as part Ceratopian, part Sauropod and part Therapod (assuming mosquitos were not super host-specific)....
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