Cloning Dinosaurs

Cloning Dinosaurs - buffer solution. Vector Cloning: cut...

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Cloning Dinosaurs - Can it be done? What do we need to do? What are the "parts" needed? DNA, in the form of an entire Genome Cell Technology for putting these together With the right combination of DNA and cell, it could work BUT: a genome and a cell are remarkably complex "parts" However, if you wanted to do it, Crichton's (Poinar/Wilson) approach is a plausible one Technology: Dinosaur DNA from fossil bones and cells of dinosaurs in the bodies of blood sucking insects trapped in amber DNA extraction - remove tissue from amber with sterile tools, grind tissue in sterile homogenizing buffer, dehydrate and then dissolve in
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Unformatted text preview: buffer solution. Vector Cloning: cut DNA into pieces, splice fragments into a cloning vector, introduce vector+DNA into bacterial cells where many copies are made in cell culture Remove Dino DNA from vector and reassemble DNA fragments by splicing (ligation) Assemble complete chromosomes by filling gaps with frog DNA PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction): Amplify random fragments of DNA, then clone Genome: If we do get DNA: A. what species of DNA is it? = A molecular systematics problem identify DNA by its affiliation to putative extant relatives characters, shared derived character states, group membership...
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