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CONSERVATION GENETICS - "units" for preservation...

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CONSERVATION GENETICS Conservation biology is a rapidly growing discipline of cology and evolutionary biology. In many ways the issues surrounding the conservation of endangered or threatened species have rejuvenated aspects of population genetics and systematics that were often viewed as "academic." Indeed, may aspects of conservation biology can be view as "applied" ecology and evolutionary biology. We will consider two different approaches to conservation genetics: 1) population genetic issues relating to the maintenance of genetic variability, and 2) systematics issues relating to the description of biodiversity and the recognition of evolutionary
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Unformatted text preview: "units" for preservation. Due to the rapid destruction of habitat there are many species that are going extinct. One estimate is in the neighborhood of 100 species per day! Habitat destruction is generally attributable to human impact, but the causes of extinction are varied: environmental variability, natural catastrophes, demographic variability (stochasticity), genetic stochasticity, etc. Faced with this problem, biologist set out to determine a Minimum Viable Population Size (MVP) : a population size that ensure the persistence of a species for specified period of time. One description is a 99% chance of persistence of 1000 years....
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