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Endocrine System1 - 7 major hormones stimulated by...

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Endocrine Systems A. Hypothalamus / Pituitary: Master Gland CLICK FIGURE FOR LARGER IMAGE 1. Organization a. Neurosecretory Cells b. Hypothalamus towards base of brain, in front of brain stem c. Pituitary protrudes down, below hypothalamus - posterior pituitary -- receives two kinds of NS cell from Hypothalamus -- Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH, vasopresin) -- Oxytocin - anterior pituitary -- true endocrine tissue
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Unformatted text preview: -- 7 major hormones-- stimulated by hypothalamic hormones d. portal vessel- artery arrives at hypothalamus, splits- one branch passes neurohemal organ in hypothalamus picks up NS hormones if secreted goes directly to anterior pituitary stimulates targets in AP, picks up AP hormones- other branch goes to posterior pituitary-- delivers hormones-- picks up ADH or Oxytocin if released...
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