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EVOLUTION OF SEX Why is there sex? We assume, anthropocentrically, that reproduction requires two individuals. But in many organisms that is not true. Life originated without sex (as best we can tell) so sexual reproduction is something that had to evolve. First what is sexual reproduction? 1) production of haploid gametes by meiosis, a reduction division , 2) fusion of these gametes produces a zygote and restores the full diploid complement of chromosomes. There are thus two parts to the evolution of sex: 1) the
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Unformatted text preview: origin of sexual reproduction (cellular evolution) and 2) the evolution and maintenance of sexual reproduction and recombination (recombination is like sex in that it reassorts genetic material) Recombination probably evolved ~ 3 billion years ago as a mechanism of DNA repair ; sex evolved ~ 1-2 billion years ago in the early eukaryotes; the reason is unclear but it its likely that it is maintained in the current day by selection....
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