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EXTINCTION Almost all professional football players are still alive. 4% of all human beings that have ever lived are still alive. What percent of all species that have ever lived are still alive? 0.1%; thus 99.9 % are extinct . Looking ahead, things look numerically bad for humans: chances are that we will go extinct. What is extinction? => Termination of a lineage. What are the units of extinction? Genus Family ? Do we determine extinction of a genus by the last remaining species that makes up that genus? What happens if 99% of the genus goes extinct and one "hanger-on" last millions of more years? No solution to the problem, these are the sorts of biases that are
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Unformatted text preview: inherent in tabulating higher-level phenomena. What can we say about adaptation and extinction rates? is extinction due to : Bad luck or Bad genes? (book by David Raup, W.W. Norton, Co.). As to the causes of extinction here are some questions to "ask" the fossil record: intrinsic/extrinsic : was extinction due to a characteristic of the organism (intrinsic) or of the physical environment (extrinsic)? Was extinction due to competition (mutituberculates and rodents) or was it due to major events like sea level changes or asteroid impact? One "asks" the fossil record by looking at the data:...
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