Given a finite amount of space for a nature preserve

Given a finite amount of space for a nature preserve - of...

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Given a finite amount of space for a nature preserve, do you establish a Single Large or Several Small ( SLOSS ) system. The answer depends on the likely causes of extinction in the particular system of concern. If the species is subject to demographic fluctuations, it would be better to maintain one large system, since the plot above suggests that extinction is more likely in small populations. In systems of species where environmental stochasticity is a general problem , the Several Small approach is probably better: many sub-reserves will reduce the chances of losing the entire system. The SLOSS debate is closely related to the dynamics of Metapopulations . The maintenance of genetic diversity can be enhanced by structuring in a metapopulation system. Alleles that might be lost in one deme can be fixed in another, and theaverage
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Unformatted text preview: of the metapopulation system may maintain more heterozygosity than a simple population of similar total population size. The solution to this is not general since metapopulation systems may have varying degrees of migration between demes (at some level of migration, metapopulations become 'systems of subpopulations' since in the strict sense the demes of a metapopulation experience little gene flow.) Metapopulations can also contribute to the purging of deleterious recessive alleles . With some level of inbreeding in demes, deleterious recessives will be selected against. With limited amounts of gene flow, the system can effectively purge these alleles that might not be expressed in a large random mating population. One approach is to have semi- isolated subpopulations with corridors for dispersal ....
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