How should we think about speciation events

How should we think about speciation events - speciation...

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How should we think about speciation events? What are the models of divergence: is speciation like a peak shift in an adaptive landscape, or is speciation a gradual divergence process on a flat adaptive landscape? Main issue is whether the peak itself shifts and hence the population shifts with it, or whether the two alternative peaks already exist and the problem is shifting between the two alternatives. Some fundamental issues in thinking about speciation: 1) does
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Unformatted text preview: speciation require allopatry or can speciation occur in non-allopatric contexts (sympatric, parapatric)?; 2) does speciation require changes in many genes or can changes in a few specific genes lead to speciation?; 3) is speciation itself adaptive or does speciation occur as a byproduct of adaptive responses to other pressures?; 4) what determines the rates of speciation ? (some lineages speciate at very different rates)....
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