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HUMAN DIVERSITY Modes of evolution Throughout course we have stressed that traits must have a genetic basis WHY? for transmission to next generation . What do humans have that allows transmission to next generation without genetics?? CULTURAL transmission. This is a major distinction with other animals (although other animals do have "culture", it is not as "advanced" as humans) Cultural transmission can be vertical (between generations) or horizontal (within generation). Vertical cultural transmission is Lamarkian:
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Unformatted text preview: what you acquire during your lifetime you can pass on to your offspring ("inheritance of acquired characteristics"). Some analogies with other evolutionary forces: mutation ~ innovation, new behavior, skate boarding, rap music, pierced navels selection ~ popularity, status: trait gets swept into high frequency drift ~ random variation in culture, language, dialects (southerners, Maine hicks, etc.) there can even be gene flow : yo!, like dude, my cousin in California pierced her navel!...
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