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HUMAN EVOLUTION - These traits may have played a role in...

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HUMAN EVOLUTION Humans are too complex to be "understood" by any one field. Thus we will look at a few major steps in evolution and some of the things affecting human evolution. Humans are members of the order Primates which consists of about 180 species (there are 17 different orders of mammals which diverged 80-65 million years ago). Primates are a relatively old order of mammals. Most of the synapomorphies of this order are associated with an arboreal way of life: flexible digits, forward facing eyes, vision as a primary sense.
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Unformatted text preview: These traits may have played a role in the evolution of brain size in the lineage leading to humans. Humans are a member of the family Hominidae which is believed to have diverged about 5 million years before the present (mybp) from the other members of the Old world monkeys. At least 20 mybp the Hominoids split off from the other old world monkeys. The dates are rough and get changed now and then....
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