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Not the first to claim the importance of

Not the first to claim the importance of - South Africa...

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Not the first to claim the importance of reproductive continuity : "a set of individuals who give rise through reproduction to new individuals similar to themselves" (John Ray, 1682). "A species is a constant succession of similar individuals that can reproduce together." (George Louis Buffon, 1707-1788). Note the characteristic Mayr: "biological" species concept implies that all other species concepts are non- biological. Recognition concept . species are groups of individuals that share a common fertilization system (a "specific mate recognition system", SMRS of Hugh Paterson,
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Unformatted text preview: South Africa). Emphasis is on those characteristics of species that tend to hold them together; something that members of a species share . Biological species concept stresses that which makes a species different from other species; cant define species without reference to other species. Contrast isolation vs. recognition . See figure 15.2, pg. 409. There are other species concepts (now you know why it this has been called the 'species problem'): Ecological, Pluralistic, etc. One philosophical approach is to ask whether species are "individuals" or "classes"....
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