There is no one solution to all these problems

There is no one solution to all these problems - generation...

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There is no one solution to all these problems. The answers depend on 1) the species and ecosystem in question, 2) the demographic issues (constant or variable) and 3) the existing levels of genetic variation. Many issues in conservation genetics have been centered around Zoo Biology . Most zoos maintain rare or endangered species and are involved in captive breeding programs with such species. Again, a central issue is the maintenance of genetic variation. A number of recent studies have addressed the captive breeding protocol to determine how mating systems affect the maintenance of genetic variation. Using Drosophila, several studies have shown that populations maintained with equal founder size (EFS) retain more genetic variation that populations maintained by random mating. EFS approaches equalize the number of founders that contribute to the "captive" population each
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Unformatted text preview: generation. Similarly, equal founder representation (EFR) studies retain slightly more genetic variation than randomly mating populations. EFR populations are maintained with a controlled pedigree where the parentage of each contributing female and male is known. These types of studies use allozyme electrophoresis to study directly the levels of heterozygosity in experimental (EFS, EFR) and randomly mating control populations over time. In addition, fitness studies can be performed by competing experimental flies against tester stocks to determine if a higher fitness is maintained. The conclusion from these studies is that controlled mating schemes can make a difference in retailing genetic variation and attaining higher levels of fitness. The next step is how do you translate these findings into captive breeding of Panda Bears??...
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