This methodology gave way to

This methodology gave way to - in Character complexes or...

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This methodology gave way to Upward classification by empirical grouping. It became apparent that the groupings of Linnaeus were not Natural . The bottom of a downward classification process often lead to groupings where members had clearly the wrong affinity. Darwin's discovery forced the thinking towards Descent from a common ancestor . It became apparent that these were the Natural groups that had been sought. What ultimately is the basis for upward classification? Characters . Can take varied forms: morphology, chemistry, behavior, ecology, physiology all could provide good characters. Characters have character states : we all have hair, but our hair is different color; we all have eyes but our eyes are different color. Character states may vary together
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Unformatted text preview: in Character complexes , or they may vary independently = Mosaic evolution of characters. Skin, eye and hair color all vary together in humans. Is this three characters or one (pigmentation)? Morphological and molecular characters may not evolve together, in a mosaic fashion (reading in section next week). Different characters may suggest different patterns of relationships (see fig. 14.3, pg. 377), again an example of mosaic evolution. Homologous characters = characters sharing a common genetic and developmental history. Ancestor and descendant are linked by intermediate forms having the same character. These characters are the basis of determining a true phylogeny...
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