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TSHRH = "Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Releasing Hormone" TSH = "Thyroid Stimulating Hormone" TH = "Thyroid Hormone" b. calcitonin (peptide) - peptide (first identified alternatively spliced gene product) - Calcium regulation -- calcium absorption and release by bones 3. Parathyroid a. parathormone (peptide) regulates blood calcium -- calcium absorption and release by bones -- up-regulates during lactation - supply calcium needs C. Pancreas 1. Exocrine - digestive enzymes
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Endocrine - Islet cells a. Insulin (peptide - ca. 50 amino acids) increase in blood glucose >> insulin >> induce glucose uptake glucose burned or stored (glycogen), lowering blood glucose b. Glucagon (peptide) decrease in blood glucose >> glucagon >> activates enzyme converting glycogen to glucose for energy metabolism c. Diabetes mellitus- inability to regulate glucose levels via insulin (no functional insulin)...
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