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Unpredictable environment theory : sex and recombination produces more genetically varied offspring, individual using this strategy will have higher fitness since they have a high chance of leaving an offspring that will survive in an unpredictable and changing environment. Problems/qualifications : 1) if selection were sufficiently strong in the unpredictable environment then there is a chance that the genetic variation produced by sex/recombination might not be sufficient to "cover" the range of genotype needed.
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Unformatted text preview: Considers the hard selection/soft selection continuum 2) if there were continuous selection such that genetic variation was continually removed from the population, there might be little variation remaining for sex to have an advantage. 3) theoretical models show that one needs to have the unpredictability be in the form of a switch from hot-dry vs. cool-wet environments in one generation to hot-wet and cool-dry in the next generation for recombination to really have a significant advantage....
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