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persuadeassgsum11 - Speech 108 Persuasive Speech Assignment...

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Speech 108 – Persuasive Speech Assignment Due Dates: Wednesday and Thursday, August 3 rd and 4 th , 2011 I. Purpose and Specifications You will be giving a persuasive presentation focused on the goal of deterrence, continuance, discontinuance, or adoption. Remember that adoption and discontinuance can focus on beliefs as well as behavior and that continuance and deterrence are hard to measure. You may organize your speech in any of the ways discussed in your book, depending on your goal and what you think the audience’s position on the subject currently is. The general framework, however, should be either inductive, deductive, or MMS. This time, we will go backwards alphabetically. Your presentation will be 7-10 minutes long. You are required to have a minimum of 2 sources, typed in appropriate bibliographic format. You will also turn in a typed outline. At least one appropriate visual aid is required. Topics should be selected based on relevance to the audience; some things are not
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  • umbilical cord, long-term care insurance, Cord blood, religious faith, appropriate visual aid, periodic driving tests

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