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Dr Potter Montgomery College, Biology Dept BI 107 Transcription and Translation Self-Quiz Gene expression primarily refers to the cell’s production of a _____________ (polymer of amino acids) molecule. This molecule will usually result in a trait/characteristic that can be physical, behavioral or _______________ . The 2 “phases” of protein production are t______________ and t__________________ . The first of the 2 phases, _________________ , can generally be described as the synthesis of an RNA molecule called ________ . This synthesis starts at specific locations on the chromosome called _______________ sites. At this site, the 2 DNA strands of a chromosome are _________________, providing room for the synthesizing enzyme named __________________ . This enzyme synthesizes ________ that is __________________ to the DNA strand. Are both DNA strands used _________? If not, which one is used _________ ? This mRNA molecule is made one _______________ at a time, and this synthesis ends at the _____________ site. Is this newly
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