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Dr Potter Montgomery College Bio Dept 107 Photosynthesis Self-Quiz Generally, photosynthesis is the production of ___________ molecules by ______trophs using _______ , ________ and ________ . This process occurs in the organelle ___________, specifically associated with the _____________ membrane (looks like a stack of coins). This process occurs in two phases called _________________________ and ____________________. The primary pigment for photosynthesis is ___________ _ which is a ____________ (color) pigment, meaning that it reflects __________ (color) light and absorbs _____________ (colors) of light. Light is a form of energy called _______________ energy and consists of packets of energy called _________ that travel in different ___________. Accessory pigments are different colors; examples are ______________ and ______________. Overall, the light dependent phase uses ______________ as a source of energy to produce ___________ and ________________. More specifically, the process of _______________ uses
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