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Montgomery College Germantown Campus Spring 2011- Lecture Schedule: Saturday 9 – 11:45 am, room SA 266 Principles of Biology I (BI 107) Dr. Potter DATE LEC# TOPIC TEXT CHAPTER Jan 29 1 Introduction; Elementary Chemistry 1 2 Feb 05 2 Chemistry of Water and Carbon Biological Macromolecules 3 Feb 12 3 Cell Structure and Function Membrane Structure and Function 6 7 Feb 19 4 Exam 1 (to membranes) Cellular Energetics 8 Feb 26 5 Cellular Enzymes Cellular Respiration 8 9 Mar 05 6 Cellular Respiration; Fermentation Photosynthesis (light reactions) 9 10 Mar 12 7 Photosynthesis (dark reactions) Cell Cycle and Mitosis 10 12 Mar 26 8 Exam 2 (to photosynthesis ) Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction 13 Apr 02 9 DNA Structure and Replication Heredity and Mendel’s Laws 16 14, 15 Apr 09 10 Heredity and Mendel’s Laws Fertilization and Early Development in Animals 14, 15 47 Apr 16 11 Exam 3 (to Mendel) RNA Structure and Protein Synthesis 17 Apr 23 12 RNA Structure and Protein Synthesis Plant structure, tissues and growth 17 35, 36 Apr 30 13 Microbial genetics
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Unformatted text preview: DNA technologies 19 20 May 07 14 DNA technologies 20 May 14 Exam 4 Text: Campbell, N.A. et al 2008 Biology, 8 th edition Visit the Science Learning Center (Room 202 SA) for free tutorial help and for use of other learning tools for lecture and lab. Your textbook is packaged with a student CD-ROM (sort of like an electronic study guide or tutorial) that you may use at home or in the SLC. The CD-ROM has been updated and now contains flash cards, and key terms that may help you with the complicated terminology in Biology. The same tools in the CD-ROM are also available on line at the website: www.campbellbiology.com Also, by purchasing the text, you have access to free tutorial help from a real person via telephone, or email. Qualified instructors will answer questions about content in the textbook. Visit the website: www.aw.com/tutorcenter for more information....
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