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Dr. Potter BI 107 CELL STRUCTURE I. Cell - the smallest unit of matter that can carry on all activities necessary for life, as described in Chapter 1. It is the functional metabolic unit in multicellular organisms. The cell can only be seen with microscopes (see text for description of light vs. electron microscope). Light microscopes effectively magnify 1000x. Electron microscopes magnify up to 1,000,000x. There are two types of electron microscopes--the Scanning EM for surface detail and the Transmission EM for internal detail. II. Cell Membranes - bilayer of phospholipid molecules with the fatty acids oriented towards each other. Both outer surfaces are,therefore, hydrophilic. Membranes are selective in what they allow to pass through. III. Cell size - maximum cell size determined by s/v ratio. The surface area of a cell determines the rate at which nutrients pass through whereas the cell volume (mass) determines the metabolic (nutrient) needs of the cell. Since, as a cell increases in size, the volume increases faster that the surface, at some point the surface cannot supply enough nutrients to meet the needs of the entire cell. Hence, prokaryotic cells (the earliest cells to evolve, Kingdom Monera) usually are from 1-10 um. Eukaryotic cells are more efficient because they have evolved internal membrane-enclosed compartments (organelles) for specialization of function; hence they are from 10-100 um. The focus of the rest of this chapter is to study these internal organelles of eukaryotic cells. There are many good
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BI 107Cell Biology Word - Dr Potter BI 107 CELL STRUCTURE I...

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