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BI 107Cellular Resp Student - 1/21/2011 Cellular...

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1/21/2011 1 Cellular Respiration BI 107 Dr Potter Cellular Respiration • Use of organic molecules as a source of energy to recycle ADP back to ATP • Can be done aerobically (with oxygen) or anaerobically (without oxygen) • One of the most important exergonic processes in a cell Cellular Respiration • Oxidation – loss of electrons and/or hydrogen • Reduction – gain of electrons and/or hydrogen • Dehydrogenation – removal of hydrogen • Decarboxylation – removal of carboxyl grp • Dephosphorylation – removal of PO 4 • Phosphorylation – addition of PO 4 Cellular Respiration C 6 H 12 O 6 + O 2 ->> 6 CO 2 + H 2 O + energy ATP Glucose is: Decarboxylated to carbon dioxide Dehydrogenated / oxidized Oxygen is: Reduced (accept H) to water reduction oxidation Cellular Respiration • 2 process to track: – Fate of carbon – Fate of hydrogen • Hydrogen has most of the energy of the glucose Cellular Respiration • Temporary hydrogen carriers – NAD + H -> NADH (3 ATP) – FAD + H -> FADH (2 ATP) • Cytochromes – Series of proteins in mitochondria – Accept electrons only from NADH, FADH – Extract energy from those electrons – Use that energy to make ATP from ADP
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1/21/2011 2 Cellular Respiration • Aerobic respiration – Requires oxygen – Utilizes the mitochondria – Glucose completely oxidized to 6 CO 2 • Plants and animals are “strict” aerobes Cellular Respiration • Anaerobic cellular respiration – Does not use oxygen – Does not use mitochondria – Glucose not oxidized to CO 2 Cellular Respiration • Anaerobic at the organism level – “Strict” anaerobes die with oxygen • Some bacteria – “Facultative” survive with or without oxygen • Have both sets of enzymes • Some bacteria, some yeast, muscle cells
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BI 107Cellular Resp Student - 1/21/2011 Cellular...

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