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EN 101 Essay #2 For this assignment, you have a choice of topic. Option #1: A compare/contrast essay: Appearance: You and Early Humans Consider what these humans wore and carried--and look at what you chose to wear and carry to the Smithsonian. Write an essay that compares and contrast what you have on and what you are carrying with what you would have had on and carried had you been an early human. Consider some of the following questions: - How does the clothing reflect the environment. For you? For early humans? - What did early humans put on their bodies to show what tribe they belonged to? Does anything you wear reflect similar affiliation? Do you have any items that affiliate you with a religious, cultural group? Any tattoos? - What about hair? How is it the same? How is it different? - What about the items in your pocket or purse? Technological devices? Make-up? Money? Option #2: Those Early Humans and their Smithsonian Curators Write an analytical essay describing and analyzing the exhibition. Of all the information
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