Essay Format - As you write make sure that… • You essay is typed double spaced and in a format compatible with MSWord • Your name is in an

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Essay Format EN 101 All papers for this class should be set up appropriately. Please do not include a title page. Although title pages are required by MLA for professional papers and set off the papers well, it is not worth the trees. Follow the instructions below, using the formatting in MSWord for your footer. If you find yourself using your computer as if it is a typewriter, you are working too hard—and more importantly—not working efficiently.
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Unformatted text preview: As you write, make sure that… • You essay is typed, double spaced, and in a format compatible with MSWord. • Your name is in an upper corner of the first page. • Your title reflects the text. • A subtitle notes the assignment. • On every page except the first one, a header or footer appears and it includes:-Your last name-The date-A key word from the title of your essay-A page number....
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