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EL104 - Quiz 1 Due Date: Friday, September 24 th , 2010 Directions: On a separate sheet of paper, p lease use each of the following words in a sentence you create which shows its meaning. All are taken from your vocabulary book and the 'virtual mute' article. You may NOT copy sentences from the dictionary or have anyone help you. Quizzes may NOT be reviewed in the writing center. Be careful about spelling and grammar, as every mistake costs you points. Also, be sure to skip lines or double-space. If you have questions,
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Unformatted text preview: please ask me BEFORE the quiz is due. 1. oblivious 2. boast 3. pesky 4. seep into 5. dire 6. subtle 7. trivial 8. fallible 9. shudder 10. inevitable 11. murmur 12. mutter 13. shriek 14. gab 15. run off at the mouth 16. creep 17. steal (as in your vocabulary book, ch. 1) 18. like mad 19. sluggishly 20. hastily 21. hurriedly 22. saunter 23. stagger 24. strut 25. chat 26. walking on air 27. despondent 28. joyous 29. inconsolable 30. elated...
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