Answer Key for Practice Quiz

Answer Key for Practice Quiz - 8. Not accustomed to STAYING...

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Answer Key for Practice Quiz 1. Having stolen 2. Studying; doing 3. Being told 4. Being included/having been included (the first answer is best) 5. Having criticized 6. Not having prepared/not being prepared 7. Being allowed 8. Sniffling; sneezing 9. Doing 10. Not having been finished/not being finished 11. Hiring; not offering 12. Having 13. Having served 14. Being criticized; questioned; obliged 15. Coming up with/having come up with 16. Having seen 17. Fitting 18. Not having fallen in love with 19. Partying 20. Not having remembered Part II 1. Thinking OF/ABOUT GOING 2. Not used to STUDYING 3. Seems TO BE 4. Insist ON talking 5. Understand HIS quitting 6. Warned him AGAINST/ABOUT 7. Planning ON buying
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Not accustomed to STAYING 9. Object TO the decision 10. Pled guilty TO fraud 11. A big challenge TO OVERCOME 12. Blames the storm system FOR bringing rain 13. Understand YOUR making that decision. 14. Mind MY smoking 15. Boasting ABOUT his new car 16. I suggest THAT YOU SEE a doctor/suggest seeing/suggest your seeing 17. OK 18. Nervous ABOUT HAVING 19. HAVING BEEN caught 20. Seeing lots of movies IS good… 21. See anybody STEAL/STEALING the ring 22. Roth is CONSIDERED to be 23. Did you recommend THAT HE LOOK 24. I wouldn’t mind WATCHING it again. 25. You have to be FINGERPRINTED and CHECKED out...
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Answer Key for Practice Quiz - 8. Not accustomed to STAYING...

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